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Why Do All The Higher Limit Sng Players On Fcp Play The Turbos?

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It's extremely annoying. I don't mean high-high limits, but I can never seem to find an SNG in the 30-50 dollar range that wasn't a turbo.
So I can take your money faster :club:
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if you start a normal 30 or 50 people will join. Most people only like to get into a game they think is going to start soon. im not much for the turbos. I was quite disappointed when Pokerroom shortened the round times awhile back to a flat 8 minutes instead of 10 hands especially when people are always getting discod. Good for the rake i guess.I cant really afford to play the 50-100s just yet but i like the extra chips and longer rounds. I wish theyd have that option for smaller buy ins too. i crushed the 20s when the rounds were longer. I still do ok but there are some bubbles i know would be ITMs if there were more play.

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