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Checky And Friends Over Hc Dukes

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checkymcfol0 beats mcpickl in 10 minutes.i don't know that it was an exceptionally exciting match... sucked a few chips away from him on a flopped straight with 57o where i checked the river to induce a bluff.there were lots of standard raises and folds on both ends. he tried to make a few moves early, but i had at least tp a couple times and went back over the top.a key hand early: i already had him stacked about 3:1 after that straight, and raised the button with k7d, he called with a9o. flop came k7a. i bet about 2/3 pot, he raised, i went all in, he thought for a while and called. turn brick. river 9. whoops. mcpickl back in the game.he was very good at folding to my sucker bets to induce raises generally, but on the final hand he wasn't: i had him stacked 2:1 at this point. i raised the button to 75 (blinds 15/30) with q9o, he called with 69o. flop came q62 rainbow. i bet 60 (maybe 50, i was doing both for those sucker bets), he raised to 200, i put him all in, he thinks for a long time and calls. no 2 out help, and i take it down.a good match on both ends, i think. if i don't have top pair at least when he's bluffing early, then i'm the one that's working from behind the whole time. gg.

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