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Broccoli Over Alf's Room

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winning team: Broccoliwinning player: RneStnCowboylosing team: Alf's Roomlosing player: Stevepd0time of match: 41 minutestime of matchIn a hard fought battle that lasted 41 minutes, RneStnCowboy defeated StevePD0. Steve started out stealing blinds and winning pots uncontested to take an 1800 to 1200 lead. The first key hand had Rhinestone calling in the SB with 88. Steve checked the option with 75s. The flop came 5 7 8 and all the money went in the middle, giving rhinestone a 2400-600 lead. Steve fought back countless times getting back to about even when key hand #2 came up. Rhinestone felt donkish and decided to call with AA in the SB as Steve was consistantly raising from the BB. Steve checked this hand and he called a sizeable bet on the river, what he held I am unsure. The next key hand was as follows:NO_LIMIT TEXAS_HOLDEM $10+$1 (Real Money), #454,426,657 RneStnCowboy's Single Table Tournament, 7 May 2006 4:29 PM ET Seat 2: stevepd0 ($1,180 in chips) Seat 3: RneStnCowboy ($1,820 in chips) ANTES/BLINDSRneStnCowboy posts blind ($25), stevepd0 posts blind ($50).PRE-FLOPRneStnCowboy calls $25, stevepd0 checks.FLOP [board cards 3C,8C,5C ]stevepd0 checks, RneStnCowboy bets $50, stevepd0 calls $50.TURN [board cards 3C,8C,5C,2C ]stevepd0 checks, RneStnCowboy bets $100, stevepd0 calls $100.RIVER [board cards 3C,8C,5C,2C,4H ]stevepd0 checks, RneStnCowboy bets $200, stevepd0 calls $200.SHOWDOWNRneStnCowboy shows [ 5S,KC ]stevepd0 mucks cards [ KD,10C ]RneStnCowboy wins $800. SUMMARYDealer: RneStnCowboyPot: $800stevepd0, loses $400RneStnCowboy, bets $400, collects $800, net $400The final hand had Steve raising with Q 10 and rhinestone putting him all in with A7s. The board bricked and Team Broccoli had upset Alf's team.

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