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Overall the protege webcast gave me an insight into the way Daniel think's as a poker player. He explained various scenarios and "How to play the hand" commentary. I do agree the webcast was long with the breaks but it is worth it for the information given. This is better than any other instructional dvd becauseit uses 10 amateur type players which would resemble any of us "average joe".For those playing online at the same time, it defines multi tabling in a different way. I was watching and playing online at the same time which made poker interesting for that evening.There are no pro players playing this tournament so it gives us a realistic view and understanding of the "big game". I see Daniel in TV alot in the future, that's just my take from the blogs and what I have read. Maybe a sports junkie showcalled "ALL IN ". A roundtable sports/poker show is in sightI hope Daniel continues the protege for next time to keep poker going and this forum going...!Tape change please..........

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