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well 6 of us get together on friday nights and play some low stakes [$20 buy in at the start] dealer's choice and it is always a really good time and lots of fun. Well the incident in question came up after i had rifled through 2 buy in-s already and on my thrid buy in about 20 minutes ago i had almost gotten back to even [thanks to a nuts round of baseball] it was my deal and i usually play $1 PL omaha and this hand was no different.I was dealt :club::D:D:D it was raised to $2 by the "Villian" and smooth called to me on the button, I made it the pot, around $8 or $9 i think and 3 callers.FLOP: 9-10-3Checked to me, I bet $15 the "Villian" calls and then two fold**heres where the beat comes in, as the guy to the villians Left folds the Dealer grabbed the Villians cards as well as the mucked hand! the "villian" starts freaking out and immediatly stops the game and grabs what cards he thinks are his, well he gets 3 of them but the 4th seems to have gotten mixed, not that I even know he got the correct 3, something like this has never come up when we play and instead of ruling his hand dead and me getting the pot [i refused and offered just to chop as we'd each still make a little off the hand, i didnt even care, but he refused and the "ruling" was that he would be allowed to play the remainder of the hand with only thoe 3 cards he claims were his [even though they were mucked in the pile and it is almost impossible to be sure, except by his word.Turn came the K , he checked and I checked.River came a blank, he bet $5 and i calledHe showed J-Q-6....*sigh*I still think letting him play with the 3 cards he says were his was very faux pas

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