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poker stars user id's

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CanuckMonkeyIn the past I've played mostly $0.25/$0.50 Limit at PStars, but I've been away entirely for a while clearing bonuses at other rooms. When I start playing at PStars again, you'll probably find me playing $5+$0.50 or $10+$1 NL SnGs.

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BudehPlay anything within reason got small bankroll but have wife's checkbbook!!!Meet jayson on PS and he hook me up on this site many thanks man

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akishore, but i only have a tiny amount of money on stars right now. only playing 2c/4c limit, 5c/10c limit, and 1c/2c NL. don't really have the bankroll for the last two on stars, but oh well. :-) aseem

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