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Ongame Network Poker Classic Satellite Comparison

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Okay, I'm trying for the Ongame Network Poker Classic, starting at the $1 level.So far, I have played 4 games and have spent $3 + .30, 3 $1 quailifiers and won the 3rd one and went on to play the next stage.---skip this part if you want---I got heads-up and then almost even chip stack. Lead bounced back and forth several times.Then when I had 6500 and my opponent had 8500, I had pocket Q's and just called on the button. he went all-in. I insta-called. He had pocket 4's.Flop: A 5 7Turn: 6River: 3!He made a straight on me. :club:----back to main message------So, I got 2nd and for it I get ticket to play that same stage over again.Boy, this just feels like those Step tournaments on Party all over again. I got sick of those cause it was like what someone once compared to the movie Groundhog Day.

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