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High Stakes Poker 12

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Here we go. I found the answers we were discussing here. Pasted from Daniel's blog (11-05-05):"The final tally was a $347,400 win. Add that to the $50,000 I won playing props over three days, and the whole show cost me $264 100. While that's a lot of money, it felt like a win since I was losing about $750,000 at one point.The players were also paid an hourly rate to be part of the show that ended up being about $1250 per hour. So with that bonus, I ended up losing less than a quarter million. Not great, but not all that horrible either."Also, FoxwoodsPro, torrent files aren't the files you play, they are files to help you get that actual file. Why don't you just google it?
Okay. I stand corrected. Still don't understand the point of paying them. The amount is insignificant and the pros NEED t.v. time anyway. I doubt that any of them would have refused if GSN didn't offer to pay them.Still wish I could have seen more of how DN got back "up" to only being down 200K. They did show some really good hands though.I think that even the "boring" hands being shown with more of the "table talk" emphasized and without Kaplan talking over the top of them would be just as interesting as the big-pot hands that they cut it down to.I like Kaplan's commentary, but that's not why I tune in. I watch the show because I like seeing the pros play and to evesdrop on their discussions.
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I wonder if the amatuers got paid for playing too. I find it highly amusing how little respect Hellmuth gets. Kaplan at one point said something like "They don't really think he's bad they're trying to tilt him" but I think the others genuinely think he's bad. We've had:- Jennifer's line about how she'd play NL every day if Phil were in the game- Todd talking about taking tourny players money when they play "real poker"- Antonio's 10-5 bluff- Buss's "rapper" comment- DN's various "yum" commentsPretty funny stuff.

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