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Actors Playing Poker Players

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I was thinking about this last night and just thought I would throw it out there. Who do you guys think would play some of the superstar poker players if their life story was made into a movie?I think Edward Norton would DEFINITELY play Daniel Negreanu if there was a movie made. Their faces resemble each other. Norton knows poker well enough, and he definitely could act just like Daniel. Throw out other names and ppl who would play them.

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I think Nicholas Cage was supposed to play Amarillo Slim but the movie keeps getting postponed since tthe child molestation issue.Yeah I think Norton would definetly be one of the best candidates for playing DN.

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Peter Boyle= Doyle brunsonPeter laurie=freddy deebJenifer tilly=jennifer tilly
Never heard of Peter Boyle or Laurie.
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