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A Fearless Faith - By Fischer

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http://www.fischtank.com/fearlessfaith.jpgA fearless faith.We all need to think through why we are here and what our faith is for. By its very nature, faith is dangerous. It puts us at risk in a world at odds with the One we follow and stretches us constantly by the demands it puts on us. And yet there is a glory and an excitement to the risks of faith. We often wonder what motivates those who attempt dangerous feats--competitors in the extreme sports or the Evel Knievels of today. Maybe it’s because there is something built into all of us that embraces risk. We can meet danger with either fear or excitement. When fear rules, it’s because deep down we don’t believe we have what it takes to face the danger. Excitement comes from knowing and believing that we do.A fearless faith, then, is one that takes full advantage of the prayer of Jesus. A fearless faith is a faith that is not driven by comfort, safety, and security. It is a faith not necessarily shared by our companions, a faith that takes mental discernment to maintain, a faith that is vulnerable and unprotected--even weak--without the prayer of Jesus to strengthen it and give it courage. A fearless faith does not need a cultural identity to thrive, for it thrives and flourishes in the heart of the believer.Real faith is always at risk; the risk is part of what makes it real.Or as Jesus said in his prayer: “As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world.” The world was not a safe place for Jesus. Why would we think it would be any different for us?
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