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I Called In Sick Today

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bill burr has a new special?!?!




and I'm enjoying one right now. this thing is pretty damn good. and thera, that's pretty much what I read on reddit I believe: best cost to deliciousness ratio. they only had 1 six pack though. if I find a 12 I'll get it. they had red hook long hammers in 12 packs for like 13 bucks a while back. only got one and now I regret it. you know what I wish? I wish yuengling would come out with an ipa. a cheap and easy drinking ipa, oh my, how that would make me smile.


and fat.





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and after 3 days, he is risen!

If you are paying $20 for a haircut, I imagine people assume you did it yourself anyway.

Pocket change cost me my first and only black girlfriend.   It was in the middle of a roaring poker boom and I was flush in ways most men don't even bother dreaming of. Money, it was like dirt to me

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Maybe I'm just burnt out on it. It's at every business xmas party I go to every year.



That's a solid selection for a generic office party.


I had a sixer of it a few years back. Wasn't bad at all

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probably true. keep it at sir.


also, kansas basketball will not win the big 12 this year. i would predict they finish third or fourth. team doesn't have the players to pound it inside and yet they won't stop trying.

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I had been sleeping like shit for a long time. A few years. Would always wake up between 2-4 and lay awake for an hour or so trying to breathe and relax.The inhaler I had did nothing. Finally got it a little more checked out, and the RN referred me to an allergist. They inject 32 little shots (pollen, mold, dust, animal fur, etc.) into your arms to see what you react to. I popped on 28 of them. So I started allergy shots, and taking the Zyrtec generic daily, and I've been sleeping a thousand times better over the last two months. I don't care what parts of my "treatment" are real and what is just excess, it's been amazing getting real sleep.


Tonight's beers, while the wife is out with some friends: Two Roads Route of All Evil, Long Trail Sick Day IPA, and Brown Shugga. Could use a Celebration to throw some hops in, but I'm making do.

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i'll say this, hoiberg is the best coach in the league. self is the best recruiter with barnes second. if hoiberg were coaching this talent at Kansas they'd score 95 a game and shoot thirty threes. it would be glorious to watch. kansas should run a one guard, three wing, one big lineup and spread the floor. instead they are trying to play a double post with two 6 foot 7 guys. it won't work against big teams and teams that are well coached.

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Well the brewery is like 30 minutes away



Well that makes sense then.


Always appreciate a Hard to Kill reference Essay.


I'm playing 18 tomorrow morning. Fo free. Always nice. UFC card tomorrow night which should be real solid. Dolphins Ravens Sunday. Pretty decent weekend



Golfed a private club in West Atlanta on Black Friday. It was 45 degrees but decent in the sun. Pretty awesome place. My parents have a house behind the tee box of 18, of the Lake Course. They also have a Mountain Course. We played the mountain course. Lots of level changes. Awesome driving range, three practice greens, a chipping area. My new dream is to live in a community with a country club, has to have at least 27 holes. I want my own golf cart and just access to the facilities. Also, the clubhouse restaurant needs a cute waitress. That my friends. Is the life


And to be clear, my parents aren't members, are far from rich, wealthy or even well off. Just wanted to clarify.



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Nah, they own the house. Part of the compensation for moving up there and helping with my uncle's business, which is owning 7 McDonalds, oddly enough. But they aren't Country Club members. They couldn't give a Fck less about golf.



We go to the clubhouse, course is pretty dead, I tell the guy my tale, parents house on the course, uncle owning the McD's right down the street, I'm a member of a club in Orlando, etc. they don't give a shit. They tell me that the only way to play is with a member, if my club pro calls up in advance or some other way, which didn't work for me. We leave, and on the way to the car, a roughly my age black guy getting his clubs out comments on my Dolphins hat. I make some small talk and then tell him that we are up from Orlando, parents live on the course and that we need a member to vouge for us, but I didn't want to put him in a bad spot. He immediately says "hell yeah, let's go" he takes us in, guy knows him, sets us up, we pay $58 x 2 and play. 'Twas awesome. He and his buddies were great dudes. I gave him my number and if he is in town, I'll get him on a private club at no charge.


Wife beat me by 10 strokes, btw

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