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I Called In Sick Today

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and after 3 days, he is risen!

If you are paying $20 for a haircut, I imagine people assume you did it yourself anyway.

Pocket change cost me my first and only black girlfriend.   It was in the middle of a roaring poker boom and I was flush in ways most men don't even bother dreaming of. Money, it was like dirt to me

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Those teams aren't good enough for Suited. You have to have won at least two championships in the last 15 years for him to give you a look.

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it finally happened, tilty, you're not perfect in my eyes anymore.


always remember, as brvy often says, for the happy man prayer is only a jumble of words, until the day when sorrow comes to explain to him the sublime language by means of which he speaks to God.



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It's definitely worth it and if you don't go I'm going to be super pissed at you.


We havent been to the 16 since 2000. You were like 3.


You're single. You make super solid money, have a roommate, and nothing like a family holding you down.



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I just checked and round trip from DSM is like $375. Just crash at Speedz house in Brooklyn and you'll be golden.

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My roommate is probably going to go if two of his(our) friends go and stay at a friend of theirs (that we stayed at for the bowl game two years ago) and he wants to go Friday - Monday. I'm thinking I'll do that, too, assuming they let me tag along. Or if speedz lets me crash at his place.

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frau, how was kraftwerk?


It was really, really good. At first it was LA douchey. The guys behind me in the will call line were discussing the depositions that was occuring in one of their dot com workplaces. It was "intense. And you know James Frey is writing a book about this."


Hey cowboys. You work at a dot com and you make six figures and you're standing in a will call line to pick up Kraftwerk tickets. You're talking about expensive office bullshit. There's nothing that intense...


Once I got to my seats, before the show, the guy sitting next to me showed his friend some photos on his phone. He kept complaining he had asked the photographer to get some tight head shots, because he was going to need them for all the upcoming publicity he was doing. Dudebro, no you're not.


My tickets were off to the side, and semi-obstructed view. Kraftwerk played a residency--they had eight shows at Disney, focusing on their different albums, and featuring 3-D movie. The whole thing felt like an art happening, more than a concert. It was great the way the whole crowd wore the stupid cardboard 3-D glasses, and the visuals looked pretty good, even from my side view. I'm still thinking about the music, the samples I heard, and I told other people they should go if they could swing it. (I couldn't find anyone to meet me, so I went by myself. Totally worth it.)


Statement number five thiry seven youll never hear Beans say....


Yeah, I've been feeling like a Snow White character. Who eats heart of lamb? Well, I thought you guys would--I think some of you hunt, and hunters always like to say they eat all of the animal. I have a high cholesterol anyway--like surprisingly high for someone my size--and I'm wondering if I should have eaten the arterial plaque of a lamb. I think all of the organ meats are supposed to be bad for you in that way.

i'm looking to buy a watch. and i'm open to suggestions. gimme what ya got.







scotch, lemon juice, ginger ale, and bitters is pretty tasty.



That sounds so very, very good. Did you make it at home or get at a bar?



CaneBrain and Essay, thank you both for your combined supertort powers. The 7-11 half block from my house is now stocking Twix ice cream bars. You have made America safe.


I think it's never okay to cut your own hair, and I like my MacAir.


My video taping has been scheduled for this week--let's get middle of the road!

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My hair gets super frizzy if it's cut to short and basically impossible to cut it right with clippers. I only let my stylist scissors on my hair. She can use clippers to clean up my neckline and sideburns, though. My hair is my greatest asset and so I can't risk a bad haircut to save $20 every month or so.

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That sounds so very, very good. Did you make it at home or get at a bar?



originally I had it at Craftsteak. It's their version of a highland fling. I decided to recreate it at home and pretty much nailed it out of the gate.


1.5 oz scotch (they used glen livet 12, I used mcclelland's)

.5 oz lemon juice

~5 oz ginger ale

2 dash bitters

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That sounds good. I'll try that, too. Except my scotch will not cost that much.




Deleted the Facebook app from my phone. Check it far to much during the day and it only ever causes me frustration. Next stop will be not checking this place during the day. But one step at a time.

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Lord. No company or organization has one ounce of responsibility or care directed to anyone. We are all working a temp job.


Collect the OT--if you work, seriously work 6 hours a day you are a manimal.

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