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I Called In Sick Today

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If the playoffs started today...


#1 Ron Mexico

#8 iphonenkinder


#4 InternetExplorer

#5 Cha! Cha!


#3 funyet

#6 Essay21


#2 TommyGavin81

#7 NickCave



NC is in a free fall though and Tilt, Jubi, brv, and Ocho are all lurking in position to capitalize.



Napa probably has the worst personal content provided to power ranking ratio of anyone.

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and after 3 days, he is risen!

If you are paying $20 for a haircut, I imagine people assume you did it yourself anyway.

Pocket change cost me my first and only black girlfriend.   It was in the middle of a roaring poker boom and I was flush in ways most men don't even bother dreaming of. Money, it was like dirt to me

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How are the playoff seeding different and power rankings


I feel Frau is a tough matchup. If she dedicated a solid week of posting ablut parties and lesbos, she's knock me right out of the tourney



Dont worry Caney, you'll be back on the horse soon enough. Too bad you didnt move to Colorado


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Essay has the smallest standard deviation.


Can't believe she told you.


Lunch was awesome. She mentioned her church like 50 times and told me I should go there. I deftly maneuvered around that by telling her I haven't been to church in years and have no plans to go back.

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Random things you do with a baby: drive aimlessly in circles if he is overtired.


I had a friend that did this wvery night to get the kid asleep....


...for at least 5 years. Not kidding

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Yeah, if she was that church, it would provide more answers than questions, for me


When people tell me about church and god, I no longer beat around the bush. If they are so happy and proud to be all christy, why cant I be just as ok with being atheist? So I just plainly say, Oh, I'm an atheist.

Thank you Ricky Gervais

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