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I Called In Sick Today

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and after 3 days, he is risen!

If you are paying $20 for a haircut, I imagine people assume you did it yourself anyway.

Pocket change cost me my first and only black girlfriend.   It was in the middle of a roaring poker boom and I was flush in ways most men don't even bother dreaming of. Money, it was like dirt to me

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I'm still working. Probably will be another half hour or so. And then dinner. And then depending on dinner a quick shred. I'm super tired; slept like shit last night. This partner has a reputation of making you have three drinks before you can order dinner, so we'll see. Don't really want to do that but I need to not be on his bad side.

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I'm officially a motherfvcker. She's awesome, and we're having a good time.


On Sunday, I leave for LA for 3 weeks to make some Xmas commercials. That will also be a good time.


My dog ate two unused condoms today. She had a great time.

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Hey, I'm sure all of us would exchange comically falling into a pool for a BJ.

Not that I'm disagreeing, but exchange it for what?


I'll be the judge.

When you were falling, did your lady cry out "Here come the judge!"?


we could start our own rankings.

I'm going to eventually post something really great, when I'm ready, but I don't want to rush it. I assume that's not going to keep you from ranking me #1.

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I wouldn't want to be swimming around and have some sticky stuff attach itself to my arm hair. I guess I'm a prude.



I just shuddered thinking of what the water must be like at a swinger pool/spa party.


This reminds me, I doubt they're still around but there used to be a place called Tubs for Two...down in Roseville or maybe Fairoaks. essentially you rented a room with a spa by the hour (I think it was by the hour). It was just this room with mood lighting, a nice big spa and a bed that was sort of like the one you lay on in doctors exam rooms. My good friend was dating a friend of my wifes at the time and she brought up going down there on a double date. Which we did but they expressly forbid more than one couple in a room. Would have been weird but I was totally up for it. The wife and I managed just fine on our own though.


Says the expert



And I know it was silly and horrifying, its why i typed it out



I accidentally types silky instead of silly. Remember that dude?


Really curious about the lady's reaction. From what you've said about her, and knowing you a bit, I imagine her laughing her ass off.


power rankings should not be influenced by PMs. this is bullshit.


And.....that probably lost you at least 5 spots.


Usually when shake takes his leaves of absence it's because he's in one of his depressed moods. Other that the 2 "so?" posts, he hasn't posted since his beach trip. What do you all suppose happened on that trip to put him in the depths of despair, again?


My vote is that it involves a tranny.

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Damn I almost forgot about the rankings tomorrow I was gonna do a boring recap tomorrow night.


Up north fishing, golfing and gambling. Everything is awful. Water is too low to effectively fish trout, bass ain't biting. Casino only has blackjack and slots. Was winning decent at blackjack yesterday then the cooler dealer hit me and hit me hard. I wanted to get up and quit but my dad and bro were on hot runs and didn't want to mess it up for them so I layed on the sword. Tonight I had 2 decent runs but both times got my bets increased to 35 and then had a double down hand that lost which killed both runs. Oh F'n well. I golfed pretty well today so there's that. We play 18 more tomorrow morning then head home. Lot of drinking and laughs so all is not lost.


Saw the new lady again on Friday. Her son was sleeping when I got there and she was whispering so I pretty much wrote off the possibility for sex right away. We cuddled on the couch and watched awful reality tv. She touches me a lot in ways tht lets me know she's really into me which is cool. We started kissing a little which turned into making out a little. I move my hand up her shirt not to try and have sex but just honest to god just to feel her up. She stops me and says we can't do anything because I'm scared he's gonna wake up. I say ok, didn't let her know I wasn't trying anyway and we go back to cuddling. She gets up when she thinks she heard her kid making noise. She comes back and all of a sudden turns off the tv and gets on top of me and starts grinding the hell out of me. She says she changed her mind. Then she orders me to take off my pants but leave my shirt on and gets hers off and jumps on and just starts going to town. She rides well. I'm continually impressed by this girl. Like ludacris says she's a lady in the street but a freak in the bed. Sexy as all get up when the switch gets flipped. I see her tomorrow night after I get home. Gonna try some new positions. Plus I want her to go down on me again. Good god I miss that.

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Partner made us have 7 beers before we could order dinner. Then we went back to the hotel and got a drink just as they were closing the bar and then sat and drank in the lobby with some other dude staying at the hotel. And then we tried going back to the restaurant to have more drinks but they were closed.


Was texting the chick. Said she has to work Friday night and doesn't know how late. And also she's cutting back from drinking. Which makes me think she's making excuses and is over it. Oh well.

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I feel like I whiffed it on Saturday night. I did not bring wine on Saturday night because the birthday girl has family who works for a winery. I brought other stuff, hope she likes it, spent more than $50 less than $100, so so far, so good. I drove deep in the Valley, the party was in a huge house not to my taste that was purchased with tv money. There's a pool, a lifeguard, catered tacos, etc.


my chocolates went over well

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Tilty, she most definitely laughed


You and the other couple were gonna swap or just perform in front of each other?


Tg, living the dream. I never did family stuff like that.

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