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I Called In Sick Today

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The best NFL argument is scarcity of games, which means you get a lot fewer chances to do it. I don't have much of a counter-argument for that.


If you're talking a championship deciding play, then football might get my vote, because the Super Bowl is the biggest event, so it probably means more.


So we're talking The Catch vs Kirk Gibson/Joe Carter vs something Jordan did.

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If you are paying $20 for a haircut, I imagine people assume you did it yourself anyway.

and after 3 days, he is risen!

Pocket change cost me my first and only black girlfriend.   It was in the middle of a roaring poker boom and I was flush in ways most men don't even bother dreaming of. Money, it was like dirt to me

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I was on the field my senior year when we drove 70 yards, with 1:40 left to go to secure a come from behind victory 15-14 in the state playoffs. We broke a 50 yard run (over my side of the line, actually, we were in an unbalanced line) and the coach came out and asked if we wanted to kick the ep or go for two. All of our adreniline coarsing, we wanted to go for two, the coach screams FCK YEAH WE'RE GOING FOR 2. We stuck it in, won, kicked off, they ran one play, clock expired, we advanced to the next round of the playoffs. (We lost that one in double overtime)


On the field when the clock expired, it was so emotional, i remember tears of joy. So, to answer your question, the stakes matter


I've also hita lot hr's and that is a supreme "look at me" moment that I loved. I'd rarely start my jog until the ball landed if it was a no doubter, which they mostly were. Cant remember a walkoff


A 3 pointer would feel similar to an HR for me. I'd go all Gilbert Arenas that season he was a beast. Shoot it, turn around, stand there cockily while it sank. Just serene. Who knows, maybe I'd go buckwild


Sorry for the al bundy hs football story. Not usually my bag. Gave me goosebumbs just typing it, 23+ years later

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I think she could probably take it or leave it. She clearly ain't jonesing to see me.


That does make me feel bad.


Its probably why I ride you so hard. Not to be too gay, but you deserve way better than what you're getting. I want you to stand up for you. I think you know where my trolling comes from. I want you not to be jelly when she finally graces you with a call. But I do get why you do. I was there before

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Well, with baseball, you can still get a hit to drive in two. It's not home run or go home. The other two are do or die if you fail. I think that's what I meant.


That's a good point.



So, to answer your question, the stakes matter


Make the stakes as similar as possible. Let's say last game of the regular season, win and you make the playoffs, lose and you don't.

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I know buddy and I love you too. She's basically been out of commission this month with the exam and now that that's over she's visiting her mother. But once she gets back things gotta go a certain way or its time to move on. I can at least go that far.

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Did you know evites have polls? I just learned that. So I sent out the invitation list. I think it was something like 40 families, I would guess half can make it. We have 3 responses already 2 NO and 1 YES.


For the Poll I asked what Movie we should watch out on the lawn:

  1. Neverending Story
  2. Flight of the Navigator
  3. Sandlot
  4. Goonies
  5. Pixar/Disney movie (we have almost all of them)


I like polls.

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I think the TD is last, because its probably the most random. That situation is a hail-mary type play.


I say the 3-pointer. It's the most individual play in the most individual sport.


The importance of winning a single game is higher in football because they play less games. It's thrilling in any game to win a last second shot, but it's the most difficult in football. Getting a last second TD when the other team is defending it is extremely hard no matter how you do it, run or pass. You simply rarely see last second TD's to win games. You see it often in the other two sports.


OH yeah, and since we are talking sports.



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So how about napa and his shitty car?


How 'bout it, huh? Right?



So I was thinking...would you rather...


Have your dream car, but you can never replace it. If it breaks down, you have to fix it. If it gets wrecked, you have to fix it. If it gets stolen, you have to recover it. Otherwise you are without a car the rest of your life.




Have a really crappy Ford Pinto type car that you can never customize in any way, but anytime anything goes wrong with it, you get a replacement.

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Those are horrible movie choices.



Midnight Run




Eddin kids ruin everything. Parties, women's bodies, erections, a buzz, orher stuff


I didnt get my evite Guapy. You're off the wedding invite list


We decided (finally) to do our ceremony locally. Booked a gazeebo thing at a scenic area, having a party at the house. Was gonna cater it but I hate crappy, pre-frozen catered food, so I'm gonna prepare the entire menu. So excited for the challenge. I'm a little limited because I cant be cooking all day of the wedding/party.


Hired the musician. Excited about that part. Excited about going and buying a shit ton pf booze and beer. If I had a canoe, I'd do that thing that making the rounds of filling up a canoe with ice and making it your cooler. May still get a keg. Can get Lost Coast Apricot wheat, which I like alot


Menu will be bbq. Lots of crock pots in play so once its set up, I'm good. Pulled pork, mac and cheese, baked beans, cole slaw, cucumber, onion and tomato salad, rolls for sandwiches, soft taco torillas for pulled pork tacos with slaw and pineapple relish, cornbread, cream puffs, maybe a brisket or two, sweet and sour meatballs as a pick upon. Chips and dip, chips and salsa


Any other food ideas from my cooks?

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Ronny aren't you getting married soon? Tell us about that.



I typed all of that before I ever saw this. I'm self involved



And trust me, if shit doesnt progress when sje gets back, you gotta cut it loose and suffer a little. Its for the best long term. Seems like she always has an excuse. Next one will be "now that I'm a lawyer, I gotta find a job and dont have time." Then it will be "i have a job I need to concentrate on". Or, what if she doesnt pass the exam, Cane style?

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guac and sourcream and I think you are good. That menu wont be too different from our last BBQ



Sorry, I'm not marrying a mexican, like some people


Seriously though, I think the crockpot theory will work out


I didnt mention it, but I'm doing it all from scratch. The mac and cheese, the baked beans, the bbq sauce, everyrhing. Like, using a bernaise for the mac and cheese. Kinda excited and neevous. I want it fresh and hot but dont want to use the oven after 2pm (for a 6pm) party. Pluse, we are all partying Friday night as well. Hitting the town. Gonna be fun. Westin Lake Mary, 9/27 if you're in town


The musician is costing $500 but i think he'll go over well. He's really solid.

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Ordered some 4 year anniversary pizza and hit the bar a few doors down while they cooked it.


Killed four $2 Yuengling pints in 25 minutes


Bartender has a thinnish, tone body but a very cute face. Full lipped, some freckles, cute smile. Gotta have bigger tits or a bigger ass, or sluttier to get my $100 for 4 hours work and fun that we bring

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Well now I'm just gonna keep postin. Where you faggots at? I need feedback when I'm at a bar alone



We have a rate on that hotel. Let me know before you all rush to book. Especially you strat

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