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I Called In Sick Today

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and after 3 days, he is risen!

If you are paying $20 for a haircut, I imagine people assume you did it yourself anyway.

Pocket change cost me my first and only black girlfriend.   It was in the middle of a roaring poker boom and I was flush in ways most men don't even bother dreaming of. Money, it was like dirt to me

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Chachi nailed the "if".


I'm tired. Had to climb a buncha bins this morning. Not too big ones though, only 30-40 feet tall. Now we're waiting for lunch and then we have to do inventory at this truck stop and then we can go to our hotel 2.5 hours away.

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I picture strat walking away from that exchange really happy with himself and the person in the cube just thinking "thats one weird dude"


Is that volleyball clip legit? What i think it is? Thats insane. Not sure I could do that. I'd have to be drunk. I've fooled around in a pool with plent of people around, but that is something

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I've done things. Public things.


Oh yeah? What was his name and was he gentle?




I told when I banged this girl, and she was LOUD during the middle of the afternoon at a party in the pool bathroom. Everyone could here. What was worse was it started in the water and she skillfully pulled my shorts down with her foot while we were kissing, fingerbanging. We then just walked outta the water, suitless, went to bathroom, then to an office with a pullout sofa. I was carrying her and i slipped on the house tile, it was amusing


She was a biter. Either that or I was a raper.

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Beans, throw some pics of these cars up. Would like to check them out. Even some of your completed work





Ive shared a few over the years... a three o eight, vette or two...sal did a burnout in one I think




Stick close to twit this summer.... ill have a few at shows here and vegas





I'm assuming you own your own glider? I'm sure I told you I worked for a glider company in the 90's in Nevada.


How many years have you had your license? How much wave have you sailed? Highest altitude? We always had to call SFO when we broke 18k, but the highest I ever got in those beautiful lenticulars was 28k. I'm assuming you have my record destroyed, because other employees at my airport did.






Technically yes and no....




Me and four other fellows went in partners on one several years back. It sat at the warehouse for quite a while until one day I decided to repin the wings and see what all was there or missing




After a few days of walking around it, I hoisted it up to the ceiling where it stayed for another year or so. During a christmas party another "investor" decided it was time to get the bird flying again instead of being a giant model. I got an inspection and clean bill of health from an FAA DR and the lawyer of the bunch set up the standard Delaware corp paperwork smokescreen. Last part meaning we could crash it into a daycare and by the time someone figured out who to sue our great grandkids would get served





Since I was the standing spot landing champion at the time, I was volunteered to get my rating first by the other chickens. Took a couple weeks of goofing around with it before I was accustomed to the aerodynamics of the critters. Worse than exiting a baron and stepping into an aerobat. Being used to birds that sink like a rock without power was the toughest transition. Being a touch high on approach being solved with a kick of rudder and opposite aileron dont work so well in the long wingers as you know...





Anyway, like everything else it got used almost every weekend for the summer and much like a boat it pretty much shaded weeds after that. Hauled it back to the shop and covered the trailer with a tarp until a group decided to rent it from us. Not long after that it became "community property" around the valley. Anyone knowing anyone associated with it could use it at will. A nominal donation of twenty bucks is usually stuffed under the seat by users. Most I ever collected was close to three hundred bucks and two IOUs....unsigned of course




Its days are limited by the looks of things last week.... getting corrosion here and there. Bellcranks and bushings have noticeable slop. Canopy hazed and crazed. Sent word out that the next time I hit town it was going back to the ceiling for good. After a cool paint job and a mannequin pilot at the controls of course...





Honestly I never got near as high as you have. Just goofed around catching mountain ups for a few beers and landed. I enjoy the precision of landing the things more than hunting the elevators. Well, that and boxing the tow plane and annoying its pilot




I didnt hear about the new squawk code of twelve 0 two until recently.... not that it matters since I robbed its transponder a long time ago when mine shit the bed...

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Christ I could get my ranking up but it takes too damn long to ketchup. What the hell guys! 10 pages yesterday!


We are having 100 people over to our property for a bonfire on the 11th. So if anyone wants to come to Chicago, let me know. I'll get you on the list.


Shake would be proud. I'm tearing up logs today with my Stihl 391.


Well, Brvy knows I love him too and consider him a friend. Anddddd, I will be in Chi-Town in mid September. Deb has some work conference and I am tagging along so that I can goof around for a few days all alone unless I can convince any of you guys to meet up for sex, errr I mean lunch.


Ooh, this could be Randy's week to shine!



Who do you think has the best avatar:persona match? Just looking at this page I think Ron's and Thera's are pretty good. Mine is a little frog with a leaf umbrella.



What did I do!




* my student loans are 5.25%

* my car is old and going to die within two years I'm guessing

* I don't care about driving a nice car, I just wanted to reduce the pain of buying a new one


so this whole time I was gambling on stocks thinking I was better off keeping the student loans rolling at 5.25 not realizing rates would be lower on a car loan.


also, seems like buying new is expensive and dumb?


Yep. Very dumb. I would make rare exceptions for leasing for certain people in the right circumstance though.


I mean, I'm right about the car loans generally running less than 5.25%, right? that's pretty much the only thing I think I was being dumb about here.


On a late model used I can get 1.99% Even with marginal credit rates are better than they have ever been. :highfiveObama!:


According to Dave Ramsey, you shouldn't be buying a brand new car unless your net worth is $1M+. You shouldn't have more than 50% of your gross income tied up in depreciating assets. And new cars lose 25% of their value once you drive them off the lot and 70% over 4 years.


Trying to convince friends not to buy new cars I've looked at KBB to compare prices from year to year and those percentages are pretty accurate.


KBB sucks anymore. They got bought out and basically are a website that sells advertising. I have much better sources.



Still a lot of pages to go and not a lot of time. ughh.


I rarely lose my temper but I have a deep special finance company that keeps changing the rules on what they want in the way of verifications of income, residence and such. They have been rude dicks to me and I lost it and gave it back to them big time. Told the rep to come pick his ****ing shit up out the dumpster. This lenders builds up a reserve account based on collections and the owner stands to get a pretty big check every 100 deals. I need 8 more. I am not doing them. **** them all. Bastards!



Well. Now I feel much better. Thanks.


I do have a new rep for some warranty company stop by yesterday. Totally smoking hot. I will try to get pics next time. Damn ass goes thumpa thumpa when she walks.

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I'm not sure I'd want to live full time in London but Sydney would be sweet. And far less cold/foggy/rainy.


And, BEACHES with scantily clad women. Don't think that's a thing in London.


Sydney is a no brainer. If I was young, single, no kids I would have been all over that. Read this by Bill Bryson who wrote "A short history of nearly everything fame" one of my favorite authors,




He makes Australia simply sound fantastic. sound simply? Can simply sound?

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What did I do!

What did I do again!


Well, for starters, you tend to mix up the question mark and exclamation point.


I thought you could do well in the rankings this week because IE was talking about getting a new (to him) car and that's the sort of thing you could be helpful with.

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Well, for starters, you tend to mix up the question mark and exclamation point.


I thought you could do well in the rankings this week because IE was talking about getting a new (to him) car and that's the sort of thing you could be helpful with.



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pretty geeked about Fantasy Football this year. I'm addicted to this site, http://fantasyfootballcalculator.com/ looking at completed drafts, doing drafts, figuring out ADP's and such. I know I am picking 8th and trying to figure the best way draft at that position. With site likes this it makes it tougher and tougher to find sleepers and for people to fall to you. You really need to get a break out player or two to have a chance.


Also, I am honestly pretty geeked about the Bengals this year. Yeah, I know I just said that but they drafted some real talent this year.

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