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I Called In Sick Today

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Private is just wht we call the non drivers or officers. Government til I die. When I work on the squad as a paramedic I get a bump in pay and lately that's every shift so I make a lot more than my base. And yes as of now we get full pension that we don't pay into which is 75% of our 3 highest years til death as long as we work til minimum retirement age of 53. Also have an awesom deferred comp plan that I pay into tax free every pay period that will have in the 300-500k range when I retire.


The city is trying to make us pay into our pension now so I'm sure that gravy train will be over before I retire


You know I'm a bleeding heart liberal for the most part, but the conservative in me says you should have to pay into your pension. Public sector is a choice. So no free rides.


That being said, I'd ride that horse until it drops


Strat, I thought you kept a B average. I don't know your field well enough or what's going on with hiring, but I know plenty of dummies with bad college grades that got into trading. Maybe the type you want to do is different than what I know, Raymond James guys and the like, but I don't think your transcript should hold you back. George Bush became president yo


Obv tongue in cheek, but like nappy says, you gotta sell yourself, not just sell your resume. I'll shut up now

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and after 3 days, he is risen!

If you are paying $20 for a haircut, I imagine people assume you did it yourself anyway.

Pocket change cost me my first and only black girlfriend.   It was in the middle of a roaring poker boom and I was flush in ways most men don't even bother dreaming of. Money, it was like dirt to me

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I see your point and the conservative in me agrees but it's been in the negotiated contract forever. We take a little less in salary so the city covers the employee contribution to our pension. It's our money in our negotiated benefit package we just choose to defer it to our pension contribution.

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. We take a little less in salary so the city covers the employee contribution to our pension.


Strat disagrees.


Don't you live in WI? How long before the governor comes for your union rights? Your pension? A salary reduction? You state employees living high on the hog, like those damn teachers

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He's coming already except he exempted firefighters and police because some of those unions supported him in his election. It's a tricky balance I support what he's doing for the most part because the states finances are a mess but as I said all the public employee unions negotiated based upon taking less money in salary for the pension contribution. And now they say we need to pay into our pension which is fine if they don't freeze salaries on top of that. It's an entire benefit package not a free ride pension and salary. I guess I care more now that it's my money being affected but I did actually feel this way prior to becoming a city employee.

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And the only way to get good at first dates is to go on them. Screw it man, its a first date for them too. They are just as nervous as you are


just don't tell them that guys are nervous that they're going to be an idiot and girls are nervous the guy is going to be an idiot



Last day for week three power rankings and I only have notes on half the posters in here.


Nick is going to be top five again on the basis of finding $5.


someone else's blood on my penis on the weekend


I keep score of a lot of things, but not that.


c'mon shake

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I'm fine with TG making that money. his success doesn't hurt me. I'm just angsty as **** about being a lock for a 100k job right out of college in 2007 and that ultimately turning into a year+ of depression and unemployment, tellering, and now minimum wage accounting. it's just sad and embarrassing.

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And thanks RTM for reminding me of something I wanted to comment on but forgot about.


First dates. After my seperation from my wife I was a wreck on first dates. I was worrying OMG does she like me? Am I good lookin enough? Am I funny enough? Am I interesting or smart enough? And I had a couple horrible dates. Not sure when the flip switched probably after I got got new pssy. But suddenly it was is she pretty enough for me? Is she funny and smart enough for me? Is she worth my time? Then I became so relaxed on first dates and held all the control. It's all about mindset. She needs to impress you not the other way around

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Gender equality is very important to me.


oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh you're a feminist. that explains the whole pussy on a pedestal thing.


I am not afraid of girls at all. I will approach the girl at work at some point, whenever it's reasonable. the dating site, I just cooled on the idea after I got over being angry at myself about how upset seeing that girl made me. like, it's been almost a year, what the **** man.


i'm sure i had a pithy retort here that would have gone totally unappreciated but i can't for the life of me recall what it might have been.


My wife has been super pissed at me all weekend. I really don't know why. I called her this morning and she had to meet termite people at one of our rentals so she was running late. We then had the discussion where she wasn't supposed to be there until 12:00. She yells at me that she told me between 10:00 - 12:00 and that's what I supposed to tell the renters. I told them 12:00. She say's go back and listen to my message. I did, she says 12:00-noon on the message. I call her back, let her know what she says, then she hangs up on me. Obviously my fault for not deciphering that.


I can't wait to be married, off to eharmony i go!


I'm all about kicking people when they're down.


well at least you're playing to your strengths


Strat, just take the stupid picture and post it here to see if TG approves. This girl might be exceptionally cool, and you're just giving up on all that happiness because you're too lazy to take a picture!? Come on man, you're better than that.


good thing there wasn't a cover letter required.


until tommygavin get's his dick cut off by some crazy 18 year old we're all fighting for second place


well, the week after tommy gets bobitted. ya gotta believe that getting your ding ding chopped off would automatically give you #1 for that week's rankings. kind like the "if your roommate dies" thing in the dorms.

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someone else's blood on my penis on the weekend


Also known as Wednesday in the Gavin household



I'm fine with TG making that money. his success doesn't hurt me.


Yeah, I didnt mean you literally.


As for the rest, eff that mk guy, right?

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I don't understand how the MST3K commentary is hilarious but their skits are just awful. Are they being ironic? Is it their way of saying how hard it is to make a movie and it's all in good fun? Or are they just the Ronnie Mex's of the entertainment world?

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Ron, don't read this post.


Well, not my real favorite, TG. Don't worry. You're safe. You're my bro for life, bro.


Also, friends gf told me friday night that I'm not a real bro. I was kinda offended.

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