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I Called In Sick Today

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And of you movie fans ever watch any episodes of Dinner for Five hosted by Jon Favreau? I watched an old ep last night that they did after Daredevil. Ben Affleck, Kevin Smith, Jennifer Garner, Colin Farrell and Favreau. Kevin and Ben basically ran the show but it was funny. It's no wonder Kevin Smith made 2 or 3 three hour DVDs of him just telling stories, of which I watched the first and really enjoyed.

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and after 3 days, he is risen!

If you are paying $20 for a haircut, I imagine people assume you did it yourself anyway.

Pocket change cost me my first and only black girlfriend.   It was in the middle of a roaring poker boom and I was flush in ways most men don't even bother dreaming of. Money, it was like dirt to me

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But in all seriousness, there's not a single person in this thread other than Mex, that would be OK having sex with their wife or gf with just one other dude in the room, correct. Then not only that, but letting that dude have sex with her with you both in the same bed. I mean, seriously. I appreciate the jokes, I can handle it, but you might as well be talking about everyone, because the list of people OK with that is mexico and like 4 other dudes in the world.

At least five. Actually, six I suppose, strictly.

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I used to be a religious watcher of that show when it first came out. Kevin Smith is just awesome to listen to talking about movies. That sentence was poor. It's unfortunate he ran out of steam on his movies. His first 4 were great then I think he just made all the movies he had in him. I always listened to his director commentarys and all the special features on those first 4 movies which I never do usually.

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Anyone know when we're gonna be able to play poker online again? I won't even ask for the $59 I had on FTP. I'll just slink back to PS and start over. I did like the software better on FTP though.



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Thanks Beansey, i'll take 4 magazines, and if I could borrow a gun, that would help.




(Beans posing as twenty one dealer)





"How bout you buy a magazine and rent a gun!"




Hey Beans






Hello, sir




Smog treating you well?




(love beans n icewater)





smootches right back attcha...




Tonight, I did my first comedy show in a long time and the first one completely sober since before I was 21. All new material and not many jokey jokes. It went pretty good. I'm waiting until tomorrow to listen to the audio.





Last time I got in front of a crowd was in the old fitzgeralds downtown. Slimey little "theater" that normally featured some guy with parrots. A friend and myself was pushing checks back and forth at twenty one when the host brought over the "entertainment director" who needed someone to fill twenty minutes while the guy was being processed for an outstanding warrant. Long story short, I popped two xanax, washed them down with crown, and pulled off what was later called the funniest act that ever hit the venue...




The last statement was only true due to the fact that less than fifty percent of the fourteen fools tricked into the free tickets booed





Im still known well by the old timers downtown as Foster Brooks Jr....





Throw the audio up on the tube or something...Id like to hear it




I now have an office, with a door and everything. Graduated from the cubicle world






Speaking of offices, Im converting my den into a combination office/walk in safe...





Two vault doors for the entrance and spider webbed bars on the windows. Im tired of worrying about the kids friends coming over and sneaking booze from the bar anyway





Went to pour a shot of JD honey the other day and it contained more water than booze. Idiots. They think Ill notice a few shots missing but not the water added to fill it back up...





Plus I can hand all those fancy assault weapons along the walls as decorations

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Beans, not sure why I thought of it, but a while back you were talking about working on a car (can't remember what kind) for an upcoming car show. Did you ever finish it? Pics?


And, no smog. I'm sure it's due to winter time, relatively cooler weather, more wind this time of year etc.. but it's been remarkably clear.


Oh, and low 80's the last few days.

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Beans, not sure why I thought of it, but a while back you were talking about working on a car (can't remember what kind) for an upcoming car show. Did you ever finish it? Pics?


And, no smog. I'm sure it's due to winter time, relatively cooler weather, more wind this time of year etc.. but it's been remarkably clear.


Oh, and low 80's the last few days.





Yeah, its an eighty seven callaway vert Ive had for...ugh.... twenty something years now





Wanna buy some prune juice and preperation h in bulk and split it with me ronnie?





I plan on uploading quite a bit of stuff in the coming weeks concerning cars and restoration stuff. My current involvement is a twin supercharged veight in a jeep





Bought it for the kid a year or so ago. He drove it around in the mud for a while before wanting a paint job done on it. Me being a fanatic about cars and stuff kept me from doing a simple beat out the major dents and spray, so it turned into sorta a show jeep as well. I did talk myself out of shoehorning a blown big block chev in it. Instead its gonna be a factory amc veight with dual three point eight blowers protruding thru the hood between twin carbs topped with trip butterflys....





The other jeep bought a few days ago will now be the mudder...for a while at least





Ill throw up a youtube slideshow of some of the pics Ive taken over the last few months. They were intended for reassembly and documentation purposes but may interest a few out there...





Breaking news: Thank God we have someone out there fighting foo





In other not so important news.... I have learned to make gifs as well







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Nappy is in a world.of.shit


Dick boss, no clue what he's doing, but he's cashin checks and breakin necks



Thera, thoughs on the card this weekend? Rampage loses. He's all hype these days. No knockout power and cant defend takedowns or get up

I like Dodson way more than Mighty Mouse. Johnson is sort of like Cruz, never does any damage. Well, that I can remember. Pulling for Dodson

Cerrone vs Pettis. Tough one, I really like both of these guys. Always looking for a finish. Pettis is hyper-active off of his back. Cerrone is tough and goes for submissions and finishes. Looking for a great fight

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Yesterday as I was finishing up my own audit I get a call from another District Manager that a car has driven into the back of one of their stores. She was in training and needed someone to go asses the damage and make sure the needed repairs got started. Turns out a woman, who happened to be black, (shocking for Lynwood, CA I know) had somehow managed to lose control of her car, bounce off a tree, bounce off a pole designed to prevent cars from hitting the building then smash into the back of the store. Facing 180 degrees from the direction she was originally headed. Still no real idea how that happened.


Turns out where she hit was the wall where the women's room is. In fact a girl had just left the restroom when the impact occurred which pushed the wall in about 6 inches a couple feet left of the toilet, making the tank twist, break and sending it's water all over the place.


Of course the driver said "it's just a small hole" and left. But not before quick thinking employees took pictures of her license plates. Also had a witness to the whole thing. Our stores also do motor vehicle licensing and other services so they ran the plate and turns out the car is registered to a woman that was a past check cashing customer so we have her picture and everything. Of course she left a bogus name but the police are now after her for felony hit and run.


Bet your audits don't turn out so exciting, huh Napa?

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UFC just doesn't appeal to me. I associate it with a Ed hardy wearing, bedazzled jean flaunting fag. And the fights are boring to me.


You're partially right about the fans, but replace Ed Hardy with Affliction. Totally wrong about the fights. If you learn about the nuances of the sport, then what you're watching makes more sense



Walked to the 7-11 next door for a diet fountain soda, as i was checking out, a young lady was walking in and OMG she was bouncing like crazy. Thin girl, v neck shirt, when I finally made it to her face, she was cute, but young. But wow, tits were so perfect looking. I wanted to stay in the store and stare.

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That wasnt so much an audit as a babysitting mission


That crap happens all the time in SoFL. Old people get easily confused by the brake and the gas

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