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I Called In Sick Today

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He sent me back an offer sheet with the salary I quoted.




Also, I get the feeling that he was just trying to make it seem like your salary was a lot more than he was ready to give so that you'll think he sacrificed for you and you'll be grateful and loyal to the company and when you try to get a raise he'll say, "Well, we started you off a lot higher than normal..."

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and after 3 days, he is risen!

If you are paying $20 for a haircut, I imagine people assume you did it yourself anyway.

Pocket change cost me my first and only black girlfriend.   It was in the middle of a roaring poker boom and I was flush in ways most men don't even bother dreaming of. Money, it was like dirt to me

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I talked to the West Coast sales manager. He said they randomly pick where they are sending this beer. He was very nice. The closest to me will be about 90 minutes away and not until next Tuesday. Two cases delivered, most places have sold out within 2 hours of them hitting the shelves.


He said it really is excellent and he loves IPAs. Said the brewmaster wanted to make an over the top fragrant brew. It wont spoil after a month, but its flavor will change. He said they are on a mission to get people to drink fresh beer. He said most of their beer has a 90 day shelf life. He said if I really wanted some he could get it to me. I told him thanks, but I would wait until the next batch. They do they every 6 weeks or so. This ones yield was lower than expected so they limited the areas it went.



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whatever dawson I got guns and porn I'll be just fine




except that I scraped my god damn rim on the god damn curb pulling into my parking space at the hotel like a god damned idiot. can that be fixed or do I have to buy a whole new rim?

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ron I imagine you as charlie's uncle.


No idea what this means or who it is but I'm OFFENDED.


Cooking Thanksgiving for the in-laws here. I will likely be the only one drinking while watching football.


Dialed in with 2 bottles of champagne. One standard and one rose Making mimosas, OJ and also got some mango juice. 6 Sam Adams winter brews or whatever. 6 Sea Dog Apricot beers. The Mrs likes em and they'll do in a pinch.


why do you guys like IPAs so much? I'm with shake, past a certain hoppiness point they are indistinguishable and gross. I guess since no one chimed in on lagunitas, they don't have a beer that isn't super hoppy?.


Hellllooooooo? I've been banging the IPA drum for months. I don't love em. The 90 minute Dogfish isn't horrible. I just enjoy the abv and the fact that I don't drink them as fast due to the taste.


I don't think the Lil Sumpin Sumpin tastes that hoppy. I like to think that liking hoppy beers is similar to liking spicy foods. At some point isn't food hot enough to where all you taste is burning?


Sumpin isn't bad, comparatively.


Have you guys seen those Elf ales I've talked about? They are pretty good.




I haven't had this one but I've had Seriously Bad Elf. They have a whole series of them.

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You want silly names?




Local guys. Lots of people hate the names of the brewery and beers and the labels, and won't buy anything from them. They're missing out, because there's a lot of awesome stuff there.


Also, the Shugga: 9.9%, hits hard. So don't go all Napa and drink the whole sixer.


There is a local brewery a couple of miles from where I lived in SoFL called Due South. They are blowing up a little down there. Decent beers. They even have it open like a bar and you can peep the facility.


He sent me back an offer sheet with the salary I quoted.



Good for you Holmes. Now you'll be making some nice scratch and not have time to piss it away. It's not a horrible thing.

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Because he called it overtime? But your right, I shouldn't have said anything. Should have just said based in research I've done around 50k or something. I don't know. I'm an idiot.


Obviously what you did worked in the end so hard to argue. I was wondering why you didn't just say the "based on reasearch of similar positions with my experience..." thing. All's well that ends well.


He sent me back an offer sheet with the salary I quoted.


Congrats Napa!!


After another 7.5 hours we made it to the in-laws safe and sound. Much easier drive today.


Last night I get an e-mail from my boss saying that we'll be touring the stores I'm taking over on Monday, Dec 3rd. When I started he gave me a week to week outline of where I'd be training and it included us touring stores this coming Monday. So, I sent him an e-mail confirming Dec 3rd and asked about next week (like where I'm supposed to be and what I'm supposed to be doing). I also asked if I could take the day off the day after the trailer with our stuff shows up (which I found out this afternoon will be Monday). His response was that taking the day off was no problem, he'll be in AZ next week and we'll reconnect next Friday. So I have no idea what/where I'm supposed to be next week. Other than the day I'm taking off. This is turning out to be such a tough job.


Oh, Shake, I'm seriously considering hiring a couple of mexican day laborers to unload the trailer. They stand outside Lowes/Home Depot kind of stores here and hope someone will give them work for the day. Only thing is, do I really want these guys seeing the shit their unloading going into the house?

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Congrats on the settling Tilty, on the denting of rims Shakey, on the job Nappy, on the beers Thera, Ocho and Quak


Suited, nothing. I even tweeted you yesterday.

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thanks ron!



oh, and I'm down at the beach at my parent's place, and my half brother and half sister are here this year too. so guess where my brother lives? thaaaats right, orlando! looks like the meetups getting bigger and bigger

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came out to the grocery store/starbucks this morning and god damn if I didn't have to navigate through about twenty cops and about 500 weirdos in spandex tights and neon green earmufs. I hate your people randy. ruining my day.

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