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Capital Punishment

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Someone mentioned the cost to keep them in prison. Due to the administrative costs of a death penalty case, appeals, increased cost of death row while appeals are pending, etc.--it actually costs more to kill someone than to keep them in prison the rest of their lives.Personally, until they can be 100% sure all death row inmates are guilty--i cannot support the death penalty. Tis a far worse punishment to make them live the rest of their lives in prison.

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as a christian i belive that life is a gift from God and we have no right to take that away. it is gods gift and he can and does take it away when he chooses to, he also gives it.i dont believe it is our place to mess around with God's gift to us.

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I've fantazised about killing persons who has more or less killed me (mentally and morally, not psysically) but what would be the point after they're dead? What I really want is 1) that they understand what they did 2) that they're not worth more than me 3) an explanation.

I'm not sure that you can get that from a murderer about to be executed in a way that's supposed to look humane and sterile. I'm not sure you can get it from a murderer during his entire life sentence either Only God knows what happens after death, so he should decide.


* Juha Valjakkala and his girlfriend stole two bikes in Åmsele, but got caught up by the father and son in the family car. Valjakkala was yelled at, called a thief and some swearwords, and my unqualified guess is that all the stuff he'd been through in the society and system, ran over. He shot the father dead. The son pleaded for his life by saying that he was only 15 and hadn't had the chance to live his life yet. He shot him dead too. IMHO, that's automatic death penalty, no matter how evil the son was, his view of criminals or the fact that they didn't call the police.

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