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20k On Party Starts At 8:30 Est 10 Buy In

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Got hurt by a donk at my last table.4 to the nut flush on the flop, checked to me in late position, bet half the pot, jackass pushes with top pair (Jacks) & no kicker, & of course I miss the flush.Then my last hand on the table he limps in EP, another limper follows in MP, I've got Queens & push since I figure the donkey will call with a lesser hand. Which he does, & turns over pocket SEVENS! But of course, he catches a 7 on the flop & I'm off to a new table with significantly less chips than I should have. :icon_cry:It's times like that I wish Party had observer chat on in tourneys so I could go back & rip him a new one. :angry2:Almost out now. :club: UTG with about 3K in chips (blinds 300/600) pushes, I've got KJ :icon_suit_diamond: in the BB so I call.He turns over A10 :icon_suit_diamond: , neither one of us improve & he takes the pot.

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& I'm out.My pushes hadn't been getting called, even showed AK & QQ when I got no callers.Pushed with Q-10 late, reraise behind me, no callers, he turns over 1010 & takes down the pot to knock me out when I don't hit the 3 outer.Hopefully I'll do better in the 40K :club:

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