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here's the financial situation in which i have ? for

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Ok here is the thing im 16 years old, gasp, surpise, hide the kids.....I did the whole instant bankroll thing last month and now I got it up to 950, i decided to cash out 850 of it and put it in my savings account for part of my college money, now here is the question:Is there a better place to put it instead of the savings account? Nothing like the stock market but just a place with a higher intrest rate?
it isn't enough money to bother with any kind of investment. if you like poker, use the money to bonuswhore. that will get you a much higher return, with very low risk (if you ONLY play great bonuses) than any investment.
850 is way too small an amount to do anything useful with. If you made that much in a month just keep using it to play poker.
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