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no more pt on party poker?

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i figured it out i think. thte new party has a different folder that it sends the HHs (this is how PT gets them, party places them in a folder on your computer). Go to Poker tracker and click auto import hand histories/etc under the file option. Change the location by browsing through your computer start with: desktop, C drive, program files, Party poker or similar title, hand histories, and your (username) i.e. Wingmaster05. I have two party folders and im not sure which is the new one...probably the one that's almost empty.

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My Poker Tracker seems to be working after the patch...I think it has had trouble finding some blinds situations...nothing major.It's the Poker Ace I can't make work. I see there is a patch, but, I also see comments where folks are having trouble with it, too.

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