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new party software

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Don't worry guys, this is the second day of the new software release, I'm sure theyll fix all the little glitches in a few more days. When FCP just stearted up, it had a number of glitches as well which were all cleared up. So if you're resizing of tables isn't working now, wait a few days, or visit PP's website to download the latest version. Everything's coming together folks - Mike Sexton

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I just noticed I didn't receive any Player's club points for wednesday, the 15th which was the last day before the new party software. Anybody else not get any points that day? I emailed them about it, but didn't get a response yet but I want those damn bonus pts for earning pts everyday o the week.
I didnt either.On another note, I am still have trouble getting the hands into PokerTracker. Ive downloaded the new patch, but I cant seem to find the PartyGaming.exe file. Ive even re-installed the Party software and I still cant F'ing get it to work. Im very frustrated.
once you download and instal the patch you shouldnt have to manually change anything on poker tracker, it should work. thats how it was for me.
Well I guess Im not downloading the patch right. Very possible because Im computer retarded. So I went to the Pokertracker site, downloaded the file. Then I unzipped it into my Program File/PokerTracker folder. Thats all I have to do right? Any help is much appreciated.
How did you unzip a .exe? :club: Make sure you're downloading this file..http://pokertracker.com/patch21102b.exesave it to your desktop for easy finding, double click it, follow the intstructions (make sure you dont have PT open) and it will upgrade just fine.
Like I said, Im computer retarded. I finally got it to work though, thanks for the help.
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