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kings up, facing a big bet

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My friend is the hero in this hand. We have been discussing this hand that occurred on FTP.5 handed .50/1.00SB $80.50Hero (BB) $92.20 (Kh, Jd)UTG $93.00CO $58.50Villain (Button) $148.70 Pre-flop:UTG fold, CO calls, Villain raises $1.50 to $2.50, SB folds, Hero calls, UTG calls.Flop (pot=$8): [Qc 8c Jc]Hero bets $5, UTG fold, Villain calls.Turn (pot=$18): [Kd]Hero bets $11, Villain calls.River (pot=$40): [6h]Hero checks, Villain bets $130.20 and is all-in, Hero.....?What do you guys think?His read of the villain is a player who loves to make a tiny raises pre-flop with hand that most players would limp with or fold. Fairly loose. He has picked up quite a few of small pots, though he did not show down any hands. He did call a $14 all-in pre-flop with AJs and busted a player with 99.edit: pot on flop was eight bucks, turn it was eighteen bucks. Dunno why it gave me the smiles.

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A5 of clubs or something....maybe a set. thats such a huge overbet. i'm thinking if he has queens up or aces or AK or something, hes gonna wanna see a cheap showdown with just one or two pair on such a scary board. therefore the all-in bet means an ace high flush or absolutely nothing. He's calling bets on the flop and turn, which suggests either a flush draw or the made flush. he's got the ace of clubs. what's the other one though? very much a toss-up, but i think its the 5 of clubs. i fold.

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