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The Ultimate Bad Beat

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ok let me set the stage for you, your playing in a small house game ten dollar buy in, there is about 7 people playing and you have about 40 dollars in chips. the person under the gun raises 5 dollars everyone folds you look down at your cards and see K-K you reraise all in, and the your opp calls, he turns over A-A. Flop: A-K-3 you both hit trips!Turn- K - FOUR OF A KIND!!!!The River- The last miricle ACE!- FOUR OF A KIND4kings v.s. 4aces__________________________________________________________story number 2playing in house tournament your second in chips and on the button. the person under the gun moves all in for about ten dollars (1/6 your stack) the bb also moves all in for the same amount. you look down and see Jd-10h i call (why i called i still dont know but i called)the cards are turned oversb: A-4-off suitBB: 6-6ME: jd-10hFlop: 6d-5d-3h--giving BB a set and the SB an open ended giving me two running D for a flushthe turn: 2d-giving the SB the lower straight and giving me a flush drawthe river: QD-HIT THE FLUSH!!! knocking out both all in players-wow i felt bad

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