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strange play....

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Sorry, I know this is low content, but I wouldn't have believedit if I hadn't seen it myself....Playing a HU sit n go, the board at the river shows the absolutenut hand. I go all in, just for $hits and giggles basically, and theother guy folds!?!?! Mind you, he ended up winning by calling my all in betat the turn with only a naked flush draw (caught), but for some reasonthat wasn't at all surprising to me after what I'd seen. :roll: RD = Random Donk...ANTES/BLINDSRD posts blind ($15), fcpbdc30 posts blind ($30).PRE-FLOPRD calls $15, fcpbdc30 checks.FLOP [board cards QS,AH,KC ]fcpbdc30 checks, RD checks.TURN [board cards QS,AH,KC,10H ]fcpbdc30 checks, RD checks.RIVER [board cards QS,AH,KC,10H,JC ]fcpbdc30 bets $1,475 and is all-in, RD folds.SHOWDOWNfcpbdc30 shows [ 7D,2C ]fcpbdc30 wins $1,535.

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no idea man, maybe he was multitabling and not paying much attention... maybe his finger slipped...the other day I was heads up at the river. I checked to the button and he folded.... he couldve checked and probobly taken my hand with high card, but he checked... these things happen

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