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"god" vs. "atheists" tonight!

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If i was to die tomorrow and be faced with my creator, it seems more plausible that we'd be having a good laugh at people insane enough to be certain of his or her existence than it is that i'd be condemned to hell.
IT'S FINALLY HERE, THE TOURNAMENT PITTING "GOOD" vs. "EVIL""GOD" vs. "SATAN" (or "atheists")GO TO FCP, AND UNDER "PRIVATE" TOURNAMENTS YOU'LL FIND IT. Cost: $10 Max. Participants: 50Tournament Name: " Gods Balls" Time: 7 PM tonight ( 10 PM on FCP eastern time)Tournament Password: niaboccRemember: If you believe in "God", and you win, then I'll admit, "He" exists. But, since "Divine" intervention is unlikely, I will win, thus proving that "God" does not exist once and for all!Finally, we can stop arguing about this!
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You capitalized Faith. She sounds hot. Can I meet her? And why is she meddling in poker tournaments?
J, I see you liked my quote.I wish I could take full credit, but that goes to the writers of Beautiful Girls and Matt Dillon for his delivery.
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