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Daniels play was brilliant....heads and shoulders above the rest of the field.
How would you know?I'm assuming like most fanboys here your game of choice is $10 buyin NLHE and you can't even win at that. So what would make you qualified to judge that one guy's play is head and shoulders above everyone else's? What's the biggest buyin tourney youve ever played?
What qualifies you to ask that question ? I must have missed the "forum police" notation under your screen name :roll:
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congrats but to say hes back is bullshit. he hasnt made it past the first day in any tourny and he wins one and all of a sudden hes a god . there were 300 poeple in this tourny ive wona tourny with more people then that im sure half this forum has. let me play every world poker tour event and i gurantee i win one. so good job but dont go suckjing his dick just yet.

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