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dn's wsop circut tunica final table results!

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Its really nice to see all the FCP'ers who didn't catch the win last night congratulate Daniel. Man if i had $1 for everytime i heard something along the lines of "Congrats on the Win Daniel" i would probably have about $200 right now.

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im not a hater, in fact im a huge fan...but i definitely think there is a correlation between how much you play and your results.i don't think that it's a coincidence that daniel played several tournaments in a row, as well as alot of hours online, before breaking through again. I know alot of it is the cards, but there's no denying you make better reads, and can be more patient, the more hours you log.great job dn!! congrats

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Come on now, show 'em again and again this year. I think the recent success is coming from the discipline you are showing in your life away from poker, not to mention some awesome talent. You clearly need the foundation and it looks strong. Cheers from a TO homeboy down in Florida.

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