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o_O that's a really long time to wait man.I'd be pissed too. I'll be praying.
thanks manjust as an update to anyone else who ever reads this thread anymore (because i don't care enough to start my own "omg i might have cancer" thread), i had an appointment with my oncologist earlier in the week and she basically gave me the rundown on what she was thinking. essentially, if i have a tumor in my lung, it could very well be the cause of my calcium levels being elevated. at the same time, whatever it is, it may be evidence of something spreading to the lung, and could be originated elsewhere in my body. we've already done a bone scan which came back fine and the ct scan didn't show any other areas of concern, so there is an outside possibility that there could be something wrong with my bone marrow. so i get to have a bone marrow biopsy done on june 14th, which i am definitely not looking forward to. giant ass needle in the hip bone is -ev. at this point i just want these doctors to find something so i can get it treated/put my mind at ease...i swear just knowing would be a nice relief.i'll keep you guys updated
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thats awful to hear man! how bad are her symptoms?
They were pretty bad. She started out with frequent bouts of diarrhea, frequent bowel movements when she wasn't having diarrhea, and losing weight, despite feeling bloated. Her period got lighter and shorter.Then two weeks ago, her chest started hurting. Her heartbeat began to speed up to the point where she could feel it rising, and even at times, irregular. She was scared to death, thought she was about to die. But she kept putting off going to the doctor. She started getting really lethargic, unable to do much of anything, going to bed earlier. Started getting breathing trouble before she got diagnosed, and then couldn't sleep. I think that one was the one that sealed it, because she is a heavy sleeper, and doesn't have to fight to sleep...ever.Of course, the doctor said to avoid trying to conceive until it goes into remission, and that could take a year, if it does at all. Which for her means, do not have sex. So now it's taking its toll on me too...but I was already stressed and freaking when I would come home and find her slumped over in the dining room chair trying to regulate her breathing.
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What's up suckas?


So I made this post already in a new topic, but I thought I would share it with my homies here (considering the thread I made will most likely fade into oblivion).



A few days ago I got the idea to develop a new card game. Why, I don't know, but I ran with it. Here's the basics that I've come up with so far:


Dealing the Game

-Played by 4 people, split into 2 teams

-You start by dealing out all 52 cards, one a t a time, to all 4 players.

-Next you choose 3 cards to pass across the table to your partner

-Played in games of 8 rounds/hands (each player deals twice)


Playing the Hand

-The dealer leads for the entire hand

-You can lead with any card of any suit

-Following players must follow suit, and if they cannot, they must follow the color. If you cannot follow color or suit, you can play anything you wish.

-Points are tallied like baccarat (if you haven't played baccarat, essentially it is totaled to 9. Anything over 9 is reset to a single digit. For example, 3 + 5 + 8 = 16, so the score is 6)

-Number cards are their value, 10s and face cards are 0

-Your goal is to get as close to 9 as possible, so as an opposing player, your goal is to stick the player with the lowest total you can



-Each hand is scored after all 4 players have played. Points are awarded based on the hand total as follows:

1-5 = equivalent points (1 is worth 1, 2 is worth 2, etc)

6 = 7 points

7 = 10 points

8 = 15 points

9 = 25 points

-If the hand total is 0, the opposing team scores 10 points



That's what I've got so far. If there's already something out there similar, I've never heard of it, but I could be wrong and this might not be new at all. I've been working on programming it into my computer to try it out, without any real strategy on the computer's part other than to boost your team's score and limit your opponent's score, and it's kinda fun. I can imagine that playing against actual people dramatically changes things though.


If anyone has any suggestions or anything to improve it or de-complicate it or whatever I'd be happy to hear it.


Also, it needs a name, as I am not creative enough to come up with one.



After posting the thread I saw my kickass +1 signature, and thought "Hmm, +1 is a great name." Clearly someone has to come up with a better name.

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Hang.... sorry to hear about the wife... how's she doing?


Healthwise? Doing fine. Staying on her thyroid pills. She had a recurrence while we were sightseeing in Beijing because she didn't bring her medicine with her for three days, but other than that, fine.


Marriage wise? Meh...we're walking on eggshells basically. Don't know what to do anymore, all told, it doesn't feel like there's anything I can do to be in a winning scenario with her. Like betting on red when the roulette wheel's monochrome.


Being in China, where neither of us are natives doesn't make it better. I'm even trying to get us to Korea for the time being, an environment where at least she's 100% at home and I'm at least comfortable and understand what's going on, then we can plan from there, and she's dragging her feet, even making threats where if I move to Korea with her, her family will disown me. But then she pleads and argues with me that the "only choice" we have is for me to get her green card and move to Hawaii with her. I smell something fishy every time she brings it up.


So really, I'm at wit's end with this.

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I is a luckbox.


There's a promotion in Seoul right now, where foreigners with an e-coupon on their phones can get a free $10 bet at the casino here. Freeroll, why not.


Walk in, grab my coupon, scope out and sit at the one $10 blackjack table with a seat. I get hard 18, stand, dealer winds up getting hard 17, pays up $10. I immediately got up went to the cage, and left.

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Sup nukkas - almost forgot my password

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Damn, the Hideout is seven years old!

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