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Jack high has nothing on this

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I sat down at a live 6/12 HE table and posted in the cutoff as a new player. I was dealt Q9 and nobody raised, so we saw a flop. Flop was QJ4 with two diamonds, bet and raised to me, I called, button reraised, and everyone called. Turn was a blank and it was checked around. River paired the 4, checked to me, I bet, button asks "how much, 6 chips?" and calls. Everyone else folds, I announce queens, he looks disgusted, flips up 82 of diamonds for a busted flush, and I win the pot.In other words "He call me with eight high!"

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In case ya forgot it there was one time where it was me and this donk hu in a hand and i had A high after the river card hit and we had checked it down and i bet out 2/3 of the pot at the river and called me with 32 for 3 high!! I said "are you high or somethin?" and he said "i knew you didn't have anything." Now that folks is at bad as it gets. I couldn't stop laughing after the hand.

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