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This one had me checking my pockets to make sure I didn't have it.  :shock:http://www.break.com/index/stolenlaptop.html
Any poker player would know that he was bluffing.If they really had all that info then they wouldnt be announcing it.They would just wait until they positively id'd the thief then they would apprehend them.Thats the equivelant of someone at the table telling me that they are posotive that im bluffing.Rambling on for ten minuts about all the tells I gave off...THEN CALL ME.
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Apologies if this has been posted already (I don't think it has), but this is the most amazing commercial ever made. Nothing in the video is computer generated and it took over 600 tries to get it right.Honda Commercial.
I hadn't seen that in quite some time. Thanks for posting it. :club:
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