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The first player has been eliminated in the biggest poker tournament in Australian history - young Shane Moran had 77, Mick the Hoon had AA and US pro Toto had J8 - the flop was dealt 7-9-T (rainbow) - a flopped set for Shane and a flopped straight for Toto. An Ace on the turn gave Mick top set. This created a 3-way all-in.A blank on the river couldn't help Shane or Mick and Toto tripled up. Mick is still in, albeit short-stacked. Toto has a large stack now, and Shane Moran is the unlucky first player eliminatedThis is my other recurring nightmare....4th hand

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I know toto is supposed to be pretty loose... but how is he seeing this flop with two pocket pairs in the hand???
He might have been one one of the blinds and decided to pay a little extra (assuming someone raised) to get a nice flop.....like the nut straight.
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