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Ok.  Don't like it though.  Come on guys.  I want that baby Hellmuth to use a term that one of you came up with for being rivered when he busts on espn next year.
he's not going to
You really think he could win that lottery?
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Let me say first that yes I am very bored.There are so many poker terms today that we all know and use on a regular basis but as far as I know there is no word or term for being rivered.  With all of the witty characters on this site I thought we could come up with a good term for being rivered.  Maybe I will take 5 of them and then run a poll and we get a winner.  Did I metion I was bored.
I realize that the term is not new, but here's how it feels to be beaten when the river card does the job:Owned-BruceLeeBalls.gif
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