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official steelers playoff thread

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The ticket search continues to get wacky. Even beyond a Fort Collins, Col., physician's offering a free vasectomy -- value: $800 -- in exchange for tickets to the Steelers-Broncos game, a suburban Arvada man has offered to trade a half-carat diamond ring for seats, valued at $2,195. The man, a Steelers fan identified only as Scott (so as not to disrupt his marriage), bought the ring as a Valentine's Day gift for his unwitting wife.

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http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/features/tal...=3&seasontype=3Looks like Mortensen is finally a believer after picking against the Steelers the last 2 weeks. The only ones on the steelers band wagon from the beginning has been Merril Hoge (big surprise huh) and Joe Theisman (which is surprising...but he hasn't posted his pick this week yet). :club:
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cant believe you are excited that mort picked the steelers......did you happen to look at his record picking these games, he is brutal
I don't think I'm excited. I just posted it to share it with the forum. Now @ 11:05pm Thiesman also picked the steelers. So we have 3 guys who are 7-1 picking these games on the steelers side and 1 who isn't too hot (3-5).For Steelers 26-6For Broncos 21-11Just looking for any edge I can find.
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