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top 5 movies

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The MatrixScarface (Al Pacino)Rocky ICape Fear (DeNiro)Boiler Room The Score (Edward Norton and DeNiro)Frailty (Bill Paxton is a serial killer in this movie...very nice)
I'm no math wizz, but im pretty sure thats 7. a good top five should have like 5
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I put "Frailty" on there because most people aren't aware of it. It was a decent movie. Also, there was a good movie starring Bill Paxton and Billy Bob Thornton and something about one of them getting shot for some money that they acquired. I saw the last 40 minutes on TV and it looked good. Someone know so I can find it and download it ? Also, you have to have Rocky I on there because that movie was one of the greatest movies ever made. The Score is good. It has Edward Norton and DeNiro. YOu can't go wrong with those two.

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I just saw this movie, it was sick. anyway, this thread is started once every 2 months. but Ill go for it again, because most of the choices ive seen are horrible. I think I saw scream in there somewhere HAHAHAH.-Life is Beautiful-Amores Perros-Pulp Fiction (along w/ any tarantino film except jackie brown)- Memento- Forrest Gumpother movies-Karate kid-Y tu mama Tambien- City Of God-Shawshank- seventh samuri- American movie (probably the funniest thing EVER MADE)theres really too many and its too late for me to think.
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