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People Love Their Draws

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I was recently playing in a 4-8 game at Canterybury Cardroom in MN. I was up and down all night, not big swings but I was never up more than $50 or down more than $50. So when I looked at my hole cards and seen Kd Kh for the third time that night, needless to say I was pretty happy. With only 1 limper I raised the blinds from middle position. 1 player in late position called and the limper called. And the worst flop imaginable comes down. A-10-4 all clubs! First player checks, I bet representing the ace, last player raises, first player folds. As I'm debating on whether or not he's bluffing he says "I'll show you this card" and proceeds to show me the Kc. The dealer was obviously upset that a player turned one of his cards face up and as the player is fliping his Kc face down he accidently turns his other card face up 7h. I call his raise and the turn is a harmless card so I bet out and he raises me again! Now the right move here is to re-raise, I know this but I just have a bad feeling about the river so I just called him and of course the river card is the Jc. Oh well 2 for 3 with pocket kings ain't too bad on the day. I mean i was only about 93% favorite pre-flop.[/img]

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Why didn't you re raise him on the flop after you saw his cards as well as on the turn when they are doubled?? You always need to get the most money in the pot while you are the favorite, even if you, just like everyone else, think they are gonig to get outdrawn. You were the mathematical favorite, and gave him a cheaper route to his flush. Sure, people are going to catch their flushes, but in the long run you will end up ahead but only if you get the $ in while you can.

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