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FCPHA: Big Table in the Back

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I'm about to drink wine and eat french fries. Gourmet.edit: Yep...I liked my own post.

I'm back in the land of cold weather, wind, and snow. I left CA on a day it reached 90 degrees and arrived in Anchorage to 12 degree weather, caught a plane to Unalaska where it was 34 with 2 inches o

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Game recommendation:  Century Spice Road.

Not a steep learning curve.  Easy set up.  Competitive with room to improve strategy over many plays- so it doesn't get boring.



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The last 2 days:

Wake up 6 am

Arrive at work around 7:10 am

Work, work, work trying all the while to avoid child germs (COVER YOUR NOSE WITH YOUR MASK!)  Get really excited about a short story that I think is hilarious but falls flat with 4th grade. Say the words "crusty  bottom" in reference to pizza (book about an anthropomorphic slice of pizza) and get laughs from Kindergarten and 1st.  

After work errands (groceries/prescriptions/return public library books)

Arrive home around 5:30 pm

Eat pre-packaged chicken caesar salad.

Drink wine

Eat Tostitos Scoops and Sabra Guac

Drink more wine (I've been into Pinot Noir the last few bottles- this one was from my home county- Estancia brand)

Watch Love it or List it on Hulu while eating Chunky Chips Ahoy (3) and drinking Tazo Zen.

Take meds.  Take muscle relaxers(stupid neck muscles).  Brush teeth.

Read book (7th in a series called the Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovich-check it out!)

Last night I played a game of Castles of Burgundy with Dave.  Tonight he is on a farm board meeting call.

Sleep fitfully (as evidenced by my fitness tracker-Garmin brand)

Here's hoping the sleeping goes better tonight. Wish me luck.

P.S.  I am boring now.  

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Boring now.  




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We’ll be in Vegas in January for my oldest’s 21st birthday. We are so old ☹️

John built a craps table to teach her before we go. Unfortunately our 9 year old is the only one that makes a consistent profit. We’re not sure if that’s good or bad parenting. 

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