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FCPHA: Big Table in the Back

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I'm about to drink wine and eat french fries. Gourmet.edit: Yep...I liked my own post.

Happy Fourth of July to those that celebrate. I have a couple of Angus steaks marinating in K.C.Masterpiece Steakhouse blend as I type. That will go with a shrimp cocktail, twice baked potato and corn

I'm back in the land of cold weather, wind, and snow. I left CA on a day it reached 90 degrees and arrived in Anchorage to 12 degree weather, caught a plane to Unalaska where it was 34 with 2 inches o

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Glad to see this place is still going strong. Been a long time since I stopped in and said hi.

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The first back at school was a success. The kiddos were mostly sweethearts and I got a lot done. Plus, my new bra didn't bug me with its new not-broken-in-ness. Oh and I looked cute. :P

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I am on level 168. Henry is better than me for sure.


Yeah, the thread does take time to load. It's not too bad for me, but it's worse than before they made changes again.



I don't think I remember how to swear, either. Let's try.....****.

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