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FCPHA: Big Table in the Back

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Yvonne Takacs-ParkerIf Dustin Sode isn't coming to Vegas would someone else like to offer up their mom for ridicule?Friday at 07:43 · Like · · Subscribe Henry Steermann likes this. Josh Barr Dustin's mother is a saint. You understand me? Dustin's mother is a SAINT! Friday at 09:12 · Unlike · 1 person Jeff Pasquale I will take Mrs. Sode for a nice seafood dinner and NEVER CALL HER AGAIN! Friday at 14:09 · Like Josh Barr Stop being lazy Jeff, you could at least cook her the seafood dinner before you never call her again. Friday at 14:21 · Like Renae Simpson You both realize she is single now, don't you? Friday at 17:06 · Like Jeff Pasquale ‎Dustin, can your mom and I crash at your place next time we're both in town? The pullout couch will do fine. Just call me daddy. Friday at 17:25 · Unlike · 1 person Tim Fryer My couch pulls out, but I don't. about an hour ago · Unlike · 1 person
Yvonne is a mom, I will offer her up for ridicule.
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I'm about to drink wine and eat french fries. Gourmet.edit: Yep...I liked my own post.

Happy Fourth of July to those that celebrate. I have a couple of Angus steaks marinating in K.C.Masterpiece Steakhouse blend as I type. That will go with a shrimp cocktail, twice baked potato and corn

I'm back in the land of cold weather, wind, and snow. I left CA on a day it reached 90 degrees and arrived in Anchorage to 12 degree weather, caught a plane to Unalaska where it was 34 with 2 inches o

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I'm pretty good at hole packing.
Hardy har har.
I'm good at bowl packing.Good evening folks, caught up.
I'm sure you are!
I love that dress.
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