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FCPHA: Big Table in the Back

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I'm about to drink wine and eat french fries. Gourmet.edit: Yep...I liked my own post.

Happy Fourth of July to those that celebrate. I have a couple of Angus steaks marinating in K.C.Masterpiece Steakhouse blend as I type. That will go with a shrimp cocktail, twice baked potato and corn

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Was I the only one who turned my sound down because they were expecting some sort of loud scary screaming something to jump out and make me shit my pants?Cute cat though, I didnt think cats liked water
Most don't.
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I cleared 112 BB playing HORSE today. Of course 100 of those were the first part of the stars reload bonus.Note: $1/$2 HORSE plays just as bad as $.5/$1 HORSE.
Grats, and yes it does. But I can't beat it :club:
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Please don't yell at me for being in here, I don't even really post anymore.Just came to stop by to let Renae and any other fans of the "Marvel Ultimate Alliance" games that the new one dropped today, and is absolutely awesome. Same fantastically fun gameplay with cooler features including special combo moves you can do with the other members of your 4 person team. Yes I'm still using Wolverine. Yes I'm still awesome. No, don't worry, all the controls and such come back to you in a flash, since they're pretty much the same as the old game.Basic premise- There is a sort of Marvel civil war that breaks out because of some sort of government law similar to the "Mutant Registration Act" in the XMen movies. I played through the first few levels with my buddy tonight, so I'm just now at the part where the split starts happening. I will keep you posted.
Hi Jeff!I've been totally looking forward to this. We still play the original twice a week. I've not bought the new one yet because we're contemplating upgrading to a PS3 and if we do that obviously I'll buy it in that format. Glad to hear it's good. I was hoping it was.Does it have to be a 4 person team for the special combos? We usually play a 3 person team. Are we gonna have to have a game-run character to take advantage of that.
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Ren and I just hammered out the basic weekend details.EEeeEEeEEEeeeeeEEeeeeEEEEeeeeEEEEEEeeeEEeEEEE!I think there are still two extra concert tickets. Who wants to come to Indy this weekend?

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