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FCPHA: Big Table in the Back

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I'm about to drink wine and eat french fries. Gourmet.edit: Yep...I liked my own post.

Happy Fourth of July to those that celebrate. I have a couple of Angus steaks marinating in K.C.Masterpiece Steakhouse blend as I type. That will go with a shrimp cocktail, twice baked potato and corn

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Sorry! I almost forgot...Matt_Hasselbeck.jpgGo Seahawks!
I love how you used a picture of pretty much how he's played the last 2 years. With his eyes closed.
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Are we rooting for Detroit or against Hicken?
Nothing against Hicken but there is still a slim chance the Colts can win the division.
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Turkey in the oven, dressing preped and in the fridge, dumplings cooked.A good mornings work.Showertime.

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Happy Thanksgiving to those that are celebrating it.Happy Thursday to those not.Went to Boscov's and got a nice Boston Harbor coat marked down from $169 to $51. Going to Toni's daughters in a bit for turkey dinner.Just watched the end of the parade and now it's dog show time.

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