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Top Ten Casino Ad Slogans

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Top Ten Casino Ad Slogans10. "Let lady luck knee you in the groin!"9. "Betcha can't lose just one paycheck!"8. "Because actually flushing money down a toilet can clog the drain."7. "Come play video poker the traditional native American way!"6. "Now only 98% mafia run."5. "Who needs Mickey Mouse when you can see a drunk Jimmy Caan slumped over a baccarat table?"4. "You could be the next Mrs. Trump."3. "Financial ruin + Wayne Newton = Fun!"2. "From the moment a mediocre ex-heavyweight greets you at the door to the moment a weeping hooker bids you farewell, we'll take good care of you."1. "We can't spell 'sucker' without 'u"."Happy Holidays All! http://groups.msn.com/PokerNation

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