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calling detroit/windsor fcp'ers.

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As is the theme with my B&M Posts, I am just seeing if anybody will be around Casino Windsor from the 18th-21st. I am from Ohio and finishing up finals here, needed a nice break. I will probably be staying in house with a hooked up room, but also might rent a dorm or something. If anybody wants to hang around and hand away money to idiots, post!PM for info if you want to contact or something.

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Figured I would bump this for good reason, I am heading out tomorrow morning. If any of you run into this, PM me for contact info, we can meet up.I also rented out a suite in casino on Wednesday for people that want to come by and party, I have some friends coming up and I decided to give a nice Christmas gift to them. It's a deluxe, and by floor plans it looks to be a little bigger than two rooms. Good deal if you ask me :)Hopefully I will run into somebody there! GL all on my off time. PS. If you see this late, I will be in the poker room with a blue track jacket or green hoodie. I will probably be talking a lot as well. Look for 1/2 or 3/5 NL.

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