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how do you play this hand?

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I am new to Omaha and would like criticism/advice about how I played a hand. I have been playing .25/.50 on Pokerstars. I have 10 10 2 2 and call the BB on the button ( I realize this is not a great hand but I am hoping to flop something cheaply). There are five other callers.Flop: 10 7 4 rainbow.check, check, check, check, check to me on the button.I bet the pot hoping to take it down right here.Player 1 calls my pot bet.Player two re-raises the pot.It's back to me. Now, if there were two suited cards out there or if it was 10 8 6 or something, where someone could have already made a straight, I would be very concerned. I've laid down JJ with a 10 J Q board before because I figure that someone could have a made straight and be drawing to bigger full house. But at this point I have top set and even if someone is holding 8 9 10 7 I have to think am in pretty good shape.I reraise the pot. Player 1 folds. Player two calls.turn is a K, river is a K.Player two shows 10 7 8 9.I won about an $80 pot.Thoughts? Anyone play a street differently? I'm new to the game, and one of the things I'm trying to figure out is how to play top set when there is a lot of action on the flop.

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the Double Doyle Brunson a bad hand? I think not (sw)Anyways, you played this perfectly. Pot the flop, if anyone reraises then you have to repot it. You had the T987 guy dominated to 8 outs twice(to which you had bigger redraws), which in Omaha is about as good as you will get.You got it exactly right. If there was a straight or flush possibility on the flop, then yes, you are likely behind with a lot of check raising going on. But with top set here you have to make draws pay. A king was a good card to hit because no straight was made on 4th street, the only problem is that a duece is the only card that will not allow any straight to be possible on the river. That being said, you need to have all the money in by then and you are a huge favorite. You need anyone with overpairs to go away on the flop and weaker draws to pay(your hand is still a drawing hand on the flop, but the best current drawing hand).

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