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short, but sweet poker story, really true

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2 yrs ago 1st time playing NLH at a casino. I had played Limit, a couple times there and everytime i had flopped a st8 I lost.I buy in for 300 into the NLH. Hour later I've built up my stack up and are playing GREAT!! I tell the guy to my right everytime I flop a str8 down here I lose. VERY NEXT HAND i pick up Qs Jh. 3 to a limped flop of 8c 9c tc, yikes. A check, I bet size of pot, opp behinds moves all in for 125 more. Folded to me. I take time study and decides he is nervous and I call, knowing that if he has a flush I'm drawing dead. He turns over 99. MIght be one of the best calls i've ever made. Well a 8 hits the river to boat him, take my chips. The guy to the right instantly gets on his cell to tell his buddy abou itt. REALLY TRUE. I did however a week later win a hand when I flopped a str8 at that casino :club:

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