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bodog's $40,000 $100+$9 thread

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I'm in still sitting with only $2,120 in chips. I have not had any playable hands, not even any time to steal. I've had a card magnet on my right catching everything and raising every pot all tourney. GRRRR.I had QQ once, but everybody folded to me in the BB. Pretty frustrating.. I'll need some luck. I'll let everyone know when i bust.

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so 52 left, bubble is 37th, avg stack is 15k, I'm at exactly 21k...1st $10,0002nd $6,4003rd $4,4004th $3,2005th $2,400I'm really looking for one of those...I have a quiz to study for after this...just thought I'd join it for kicks since I do enjoy tourneys. Have really been doing much better in cash games than tourneys but still love them nontheless (I just assume my buyin is a sunk cost and lost, never really expect money back)

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