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limit/ nl variance and other considerations

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This question has been brought up God knows how many times on this forum, but I've spent the last 2 months over at 2+2. I was looking at some posts, and some newbie was asking what game he should play. NL or Limit. This is the bulk of a reply that was made at 2+2.

This has been discussed here repeatedly.The math has been done. A good player will have much lower variance and higher win rate playing NL holdem vs. Limit holdem. A bad player can hang on to his $ longer at limit. This is both mathematically true AND logical. It's not open to debate.
After all of the arguments we've had here, I've always believed that limit had less variance, and required a smaller BR to make the same hourly rate.I'm sure this is going to bring some ignorant replies, but I'm looking for the ones that might have some legitimate information on why one type of poker has more/less variance.Respect,Landorachel3.jpg
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If you want me to show you the math, I can.It is simple however.A good player's edge is less in limit poker.Therefore, for the same winrate, you will have less variance.For the same blind structure your variance will be much greater, but your winrate will be significantly greater also.I am not sure why this is not intuitive... But it seems obvious to me.I am a limit player, and I easily admit this.For those of you with pokertracker:Check your BB/100 at NL and at limit.check your Standard deviation under session notesmore detailThen divide your standard deviation by your winrate.The winrate in relation to standard deviation will almost invariably be better at NL.

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