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I read this on the "live at the bike"' forum. Can you learn from watching regular players play live? Add Comment I've been watching Live at the Bike for a month now and I have learned a lot and applied it to my game. I'm up since I started watching, though I only play in lower limits. I actually think I may be ready to step my game up now. I have read some of what the 2plus2 posters have been discussing and was wondering what everyone else thought about if they are learning anything from this stream? I just can't believe listening to these commentators and watching these people play isn't teaching everyone who watches something. This is like a virtual poker class. I know I'm hooked. Started by nitehwk2 on 03/15/05 at 08:54 pm Comments Add Comment Posted by Poker Star [03.18.05 07:03pm] For sure - I sure learned how NOT to loose money!!! Posted by poolshark8189 [03.29.05 01:29pm] I loved this, all you have to do is concetrate on what is being said and done, and you can learn something.I am hoping that start showing other games, I would love to see 7card stud and Oklahomahi/low, especially, low limits like that play at my poker place, Derby lane. Thanks-Mark I would love to learn oklahoma hi/lo as well, but no one seems to spread it. Strange, huh?[/b]

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